Dance Journey

Connecting with the flow of Love

Tenerife/ Berlin

Join us for a magical 3.5-hour journey of joy, play, and deep connection. Immerse
yourself in a safe and exhilarating space where you can let go, relax, and embrace
the flow of love. Discover the transformative power of dance and face-to-face games,
including our enchanting blindfolded highlight!

Who is this for?

This experience is for men and women, singles and couples who are interested in cultivating growth-oriented companionships on an equal level.

What You'll Receive

  • Heart-opening and soul-nourishing connections.
  • A revolutionary approach to encountering and connecting.
  • A taste of love's infinite potential in new and exciting ways.


This is a warm invitation to conscious individuals and those on the path to conscious togetherness. Join us in this space of experience and connection, designed for like-minded people who desire deeper partnerships and companionships rooted in giving rather than solely wanting. It is the longing of the soul that guides us on this transformative journey.

Are you curious and ready to engage in heart-to-heart encounters?

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet beautiful souls who share a similar longing. We invite you to SoulDating, where you'll experience a glimpse of this magical space.

What We Offer:

  • A safe and supportive environment for exploring new territories.
  • Playful encounter exercises that foster genuine connections.
  • Innocent honesty in interactions between participants.
  • A conscious flow of masculine and feminine energy.
  • A secure framework for venturing into new experiences.

Is This Workshop for You?

  • If you seek new and enriching experiences in a safe environment.
  • If you desire to be reminded that abundance exists in every moment.
  • If you long to embrace your capacity to give and receive with overflowing generosity.
  • If you yearn for heart-to-heart connections.
  • If you wish to reconnect with the flow of love within you.

What You'll Take Home:

  • The realization that essential abundance exists in every moment.
  • The joyous experience of giving from your abundance and receiving what you need.
  • Nurturing encounters that touch your heart and soul.
  • Cherished moments filled with love.

Your Contribution is:

Simply be present as your authentic self.
Trust in love and courageously embrace the unknown.


"A space is created for deep heart encounters with oneself and others..."
"Lively, loving, sensitive, and fulfilling..."


"Authentically unspectacular and profoundly deep..."
"There is nothing more beautiful than being truly seen and accepted in your


"In the absence of noise, a healing emptiness brimming with abundance remains..."

The key data at a glance

Date of the next coming event:

Participation fee:
30,00 € in our
online shop or directly via PayPal to [email protected]
40,00 € at the box office

If you resonate with the experience, you can become part of a vibrant community, a tribe, a big soul family.
You can find us also on Facebook.


Getting involved in encounters
from heart to heart,
where love lives
warm soft wild widening
giving and receiving
flow and overflow
Experience deep touch
(also) without touching
Alone and with each other
Nurturing open freely alive
Emanating unfolding surrendering
Light and carefree
As an anchor for everyday life
has direct influence
on everything in life
pure joy. Compassion. Free flow of love
Just be real
It starts straight away
with your YES - Hallelujah!